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Size: 27cm x 27cm; Cover: 300gsm speciality paper, CMYK printing, coated matte film, overed silver powder; Inner page: 160gsm specialitty paper, CMYK printing; Thread sewing and glue binding.

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Booklet Printing Format Specification:

Although the color palette your business lands on should stay consistent across all printed materials, don’t be 

afraid to emphasize certain colors when it could best help you stand out. A booklet printing format with your 

brightest color choices sent through the mail might grab the attention of the recipient, while a business card 

with only a touch of color mixes professionalism and legibility, as well as your unique character.

square booklet printing

square booklet

staples booklet printing


staples booklet printing cost

tabbed booklet printing

Color patterns in logos can say a lot about a company, but they can just as easily muddle a valuable message.

It’s important to consider the audience at all times when choosing how to use color in your logo. Every 

organization targets marketing personas, or composites of people or businesses they believe represent key 

sales demographics. Part of the persona creation process involves establishing goals for these identities: 

what motivates them, what don’t they like, how do they feel about the industry, etc. Logos visually introduce 

these personas, as well as flesh-and-blood customers, of course, to your organization before any transaction 

takes place.

When targeting younger consumers, a logo with neon colors and funky typefaces could be highly successful 

because it reflects their youthfulness. However, the same logo may appear unprofessional to reserved B2B 

customers. What does your logo say about you?

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