4 Color Brochure

4 door fold, single fold size:18x34.5cm, unfold size: 72x34.5cm; Material: 250gsm specialty paper, 4 color and 4 color printing; Postpress: Hot stamping, laser, etc

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4 Color Brochure Specification as Below:

Visually speaking, certainly. People make snap decisions about the colors they see and where they see 

them, often without noticing. One study from the University of Winnipeg Department of Administrative 

Studies found color has a profound subconscious effect on our first impressions with products we consider 


Harnessing a color palette to empower marketing, however, may not be as easy as some would have you 

believe. Color preferences vary from one customer to another, so a lime green logo or a ruby red promotional 

advertisement will naturally attract some as quickly as it turns off others. After all, people like what they like. 

That said, companies can control whether their color choices for marketing materials align effectively with an 

ideal brand perception they wish to broadcast to the world. How can small businesses leverage color to 

enhance brand identity and awareness?

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