Tyvek Brown Paper Bags With Handles

We provide customers with waterproof ultra-light tyvek grocery brown paper bags,we can help customers print logo, and hope that customers and countries to establish a good long-term relationship.

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Tyvek Large Brown Paper Bags With Handles

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model number:YQTK0083

cover material:tyvek paper


features: waterproof; breathable; tear resistant



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1, manufacturers supply genuine

Company production cycle is short, the quality of goods is guaranteed

2, on the demand for custom

Our related products can be customized according to customer requirements. You can use our existing style, can also provide their own samples for customization, we can follow your changes to the design, the overall effect of the map, for reference.

3, on the proofing confirmation

(Note: the company will be charged according to the actual situation of a certain amount of proofing fees, if the final confirmation, the company will be in accordance with the actual situation of the sample, size, material, price and other fine, such as customer demand, we can in bulk production, Proofing costs will be deducted from the contract), so that customers have more intuitive understanding of product details.

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